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Marathon FAQ


  • The temperatures in Wadi Rum in May range from lows of 15 Celsius to highs of 29 Celsius (59 – 84.2 Fahrenheit).
  • Deserts tend to get chilly at night, so pack an extra layer that you wouldn’t mind running in, in case it gets cold.
  • Make sure to use sunscreen for protection during the day, before the race begin.



  • The currency in Jordan is Jordanian Dinar (JOD). We recommend bringing US dollars or Euros to exchange upon arrival in Jordan. Major credit cards are widely accepted. Although there are no ATMs in the desert so make sure you bring in extra cash in case you need it.
  • If you haven’t already paid registration fees and wish to do so at camp upon arrival, we accept both JOD and USD, as well as credit cards.


Internet and Phones

  • The international country code to call Jordan is +962. You can purchase a temporary sim card from the airport or most cell phone stores around Jordan.
  • Mobile coverage is available at camp, and mobile phones should have 4G internet signal.



  • Jordan uses a mix of the round 2-pin and rectangular 3-pin 220-volt electricity plugs. You might find other types installed in certain locations, so it is always recommended to bring an adapter.
  • Some tents are equipped with electrical outlets. If you’re unable to charge your phone or devices in your own tent, the dining tent will be equipped with many outlets. lf you need help, just let a staff member know and we’ll hook you up.


Facilities and services

  • All race categories will begin and end at the Hasan Zawaideh Camp in Wadi Rum (Camp location)
  • The camp has shared bathrooms, showers, and hot water. - Clean sheets, blankets, and pillows will be provided for those who booked a tent at camp.
  • If you haven’t signed up for the full package, you can purchase food and drinks directly from camp.


What type of clothing is acceptable to wear in Jordan?

  • Jordan is relaxed towards people’s attire. Tourist destinations are used to visitors dressed in summer clothes. Uncovered bikini tops can only be worn at a beach or poolside.
  • During the marathon, you can dress like you would at a normal race. Consider wearing light-weight clothes.


RACE INFORMATION Where is the race?

  • All races will begin and end at Hasan Zawaideh Camp in Wadi Rum. What time do buses leave Amman towards Wadi Rum? When do they return the next day?
  • Buses will park in front of TREKS shop 234 Mecca Street, and depart Amman at 9:00 am sharp on the 5 th of May. (location) - Buses will depart Wadi Rum on the 6 th of May after breakfast at 12 noon sharp. -
  • Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure. You don’t want to miss the bus! When do I get my Wadi Rum Full Moon Desert Marathon bib number? -
  • Upon arrival at camp, all participants are required to check-in at the registration desk to receive tent assignments, food/drink vouchers, as well as bib numbers. -
  • All runners must wear the official bib number. Full marathon, half marathon and the 10k run bib. The bib number must be attached to the front of the torso and be visible during the entire race for all checkpoints and patrol cars. What’s in the goody bag? -
  • All participants who registered for the 42km, 21km, 10km & 5km events will receive a goody bag upon check-in at camp. - Goody bags will contain a race T-shirt, bib, emergency light, whistle, and tent assignment. For those who signed up for any add-ons or the full package, your goody bags will also contain food/drink vouchers, an assortment of snacks, and another surprise or two! -
  • The 5km participants will receive a goody bag containing the items mentioned above except: Bib, emergency light, whistle What clothing should I wear? -
  • With temperatures dropping as low as 15 Celsius at night, the race can get a bit chilly. Make sure to pack an extra layer of clothing for the run. -
  • It is recommended that participants run in light-weight clothing, and wear light-colored clothing during the day to avoid overheating. We highly recommend the use of a cap/bandana and sunscreen with a high protection factor during the day. The bandana can also be used to protect you from sand and dust while running. -
  • There are no clothing restrictions, so women and men alike can run in shorts, tights, tank tops…etc. Personal belongings - Personal belongings can be dropped off at your assigned tent. If you’re only coming for the race and have not booked accommodation, you can drop off your bags at the registration desk during check-in. Please clearly mark all belongings with your name and bib number. -
  • The Wadi Rum Full Moon Desert Marathon organizers cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items or valuables. - You can leave valuable belongings such as phones or wallets at the registration desk, where we will store them securely in one of our tents. Again, please clearly mark all belongings with name and bib number. Awards - All race finishers will receive a medal. - A small symbolic prize will be given to the first 3 male and female runners that cross the finish line. - Please note that there is no prize money. Race officials -
  • English-speaking race officials from Treks will be overseeing the event. All decisions made by race officials are final. This also includes stopping a runner before or during the race. -
  • Race officials will be present at the start/finish line, as well as all checkpoints along the route. Furthermore, we will have several cars patrolling the route on the most crucial places of the course. Medical information - It is advisable to purchase medical insurance that covers your participation in the event and travel to Jordan. If you fall ill, our guides and office will assist in evacuating you to a suitable hospital. -
  • A medical team is available prior to, during, and immediately after the marathon. Furthermore, a team will be patrolling the routes. -
  • If any treatment is unable to be carried out by an on-site medical team and it is necessary to refer a participant to local medical facilities, the medical team will not be held liable for any treatment carried out by staff from local medical facilities. The doctor/medical team reserves the right to take a participant out of the race if it is deemed necessary. When will we be briefed on course rules and safety instructions? -
  • 1 Hour before the start of your race. Can I change my running distance prior to the start of the race? -
  • No, There is no option to change your race distance on the day of the race, all registrations will be closed 48 hours on May 3rd 2023 21:00 pm any changes must be done before. How will I find my way in the desert? -
  • Metal poles with light sticks fastened to them will be placed at around 100 meter intervals. Just follow the light! -
  • We will share the GPS coordinates for all attendees (GPX, KML) What should I do if I get lost, injured, or become too tired to continue? -
  • Don’t panic! Stop running and look around for the trail of lights, or another runner. -
  • All participants will be provided with a small, red blinking light that can be activated if you need assistance. We’re also providing all participants with whistles that can be used to draw attention. -
  • If you’re injured or too tired to continue, go back to the previous checkpoint or walk over to the next one. You can also alert another runner to inform the next checkpoint of your situation. -
  • We’ll have patrol cars driving around the course throughout the entirety of the event. So just sit tight until help arrives! 

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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